Natural Curly Hair Has More Options For Styling

Natural curly hair has more options for styling aids, the Notorious Wrap and Coconut Milk Creme lotion. One product gives you the hold the other gives you extra softness. Calling all 3c and 4c curly  hair  clients to take the test and see why this combination has been voted #1 by all natural hair customer that try it on the first try.


The Best Conditioner For Wigs, Weave, Extensions, And Naturals

What is the best conditioner for wigs, weave, extensions and naturals ? Our answer is the Fe’nomenaal Hydration Masque. Don’t look at dull, drab, tangled weaves and wigs the same any more . Hydration Masque can solve your all of your hair problems. Hydration Masque restores in seconds. It will add moisture, restores elasticity to curls , strength and restores bounce, and body to your limp, dry, brittle or rough weave, extensions, and wigs. Yes a dime size for five minutes will add spring to lifeless dull weaves and wigs. Once your done just rinse. Its works instantly on matted weave and wigs leaving them tangle free in seconds. Three, four, five year and up, no mater what the age of the weave, or wig we will make it look new.