1) Fuse the instant detangler , spray quick comb or brush through and your on your way. The mint also gives a cooling  sensation and removes smoke odor. dries quick with not residue.

    2) One spray of  Dat Chill helps to alleviate the discomfort from an itchy scalp, dandruff, dry scalp or eczema. Simply spray your scalp and its a quick relief.

    3)Seduction the lightest argan oil that gives a silky look and feel. absolutely no residue.

    4) For those with thinning edges, and hair loss the Grow My Hair oil will increase the speed of grow 6 to 8 weeks. It has Jamaican Castor oil, Biotin, and Peppermint oil as the acting ingredients .


    If your suffering with a bad weave day that the answer is Hydration Masque. Mist hair with water and add dime size of Hydration Masque to each section and watch the curl appear with ease. It also detangles instantly and adds softness and shine . The best product that can get. Leave this in or rinse out and it is amazing.

  • Loc, Twist, Bantu Knots, Braids, Zulu Knots

    Apply a dab of Loc and Twist gel to sectioned off area and twist, loc, or knot. The liquid is sticky so it holds even little pop up hair. Once the client is placed under the dryer the product turns into an oil and hair is left styled and soft.  Spray a little water to each section so that the liquid does not stick to your fingers.

    For soft hair cocktail a quarter size of Curl Enhancing  serum to the help maintain the style.

  • Extremely Dry Hair Treatment

    It is important the understand that you are not just looking to add moisture, but also bring down the Ph and lock in some oils and that is why we have our pre- condition treatment tip.  First shampoo with Pure soft shampoo, and apply Stabilizer to your hair, and place plastic cap on, then its under the dryer for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes rinse and apply Pure soft conditioner or Aloe-Silk conditioner if needed. Allow to sit for 5 minutes ( dryer with plastic cap if needed).

    Hair is now silky and soft it can be styled naturally or whatever style you desire.


    Start on a dry head of hair. Saturate Detox shampoo directly to the area with glue and wait a a minute before manipulating and then proceed to pull weave or comb out glue. Detox shampoo gets under the glue and allows the glue to slide off of the hair. it removes glue in whole. In most cases it does remove the glue in total within seconds. Once Glue is out of the hair wet, lather and shampoo.


    To remove odors from hair simply shampoo with Detox shampoo and odors are gone. Follow with a dime size of Hydration Masque and rinse.


    So, a night out at a social event leaves your hair smelling like smoke. Just spray Fuse and smoke odors are gone. Odor free!


    No longer do you have to walk around with rough dry color treated hair. The answer is easy as 1,2,3. Yes we know you want silky smooth,  bouncy hair, so here is your answer to properly treat and protect your hair when chemically color treating . We strengthen in the pre part of the service and in the post we close down the cuticle, and  lower the alkalinity by lowering the Ph, restrengthen, and seal the cuticle.

    1. Spray Fortify protein on dry hair and sit for 3-4 minutes. It will dry .

    2. Apply highlights or all over color. Rinse.

    3. Apply Stabilizer for 5 minutes (no dryer) .

    4. Shampoo with Balance shampoo.

    5. Apply a dime size of Hydration Masque for 5 minutes (no dryer).  Rinse.

    Wow, let us know about your healthy results.


    1.) For little kids with very tangled hair simply spray hair with Fuse and pic through with ease.

    2.) Dat Shave Gel softens the beard and numbs  the skin while it cools you off. leaving you with  soft and smooth skin.

    3.) when a fresh cut is finished and there are a lot of flakes and the client has not time for a shampoo simply spray Dat Chill and it kills the bacteria and lifts the flakes. After that wipe the scalp clean.

    3.) ( Option 1) Just Finished the cut just spray Dat Chill and the is no burning. leaves skin smooth and cool feeling.


    3.)(Option 2) just finished the cut just spray Purple Splash. wow what a feeling from this alcohol product and what a great fragrance.

    4) Dat Lite spritz can be used for lineup.

    5.) Bump Therapy to soothe and shrink razor bumps.

    6.)  Curl Enhancing serum, Leave in Detangler, Loc and Twist gel, Notorious wrap lotion, Aloe Silk  ( style).

    CLIPPER SHAVE- Apply a lite layer of Dat Chill to skin and let dry. Once dry clipper shave, and feel the soft, smooth skin.

    LINE UP SHAVE- Spray a little Dat Lite spritz and let dry It dries quickly and allows you to shape up the hairline with clippers.

    SHAPE UP AFRO’S ( NATURAL) – Spray Controlled Hold which is a light hold non-stick hair spray that dries instantly. It allows you to cut with ease and its great with grey hair since it will not shrink up because it dries quickly.


    A few ways to remove the bother some flakes.

    ( option One)

    1.) Spray Dat Chill on scalp and let sit for 5 minutes.

    2. ) Shampoo with Stimulations shampoo

    3,) Detox shampoo

    4.) Renew stimulations conditioner ( apply to scalp with a brush and bowl technique) . Run through hair for the last 2 minutes.

    ( Option Two)

    1.) Dat Chill

    2.) Bamboo Charcoal shampoo

    3.) Renew Stimulations conditioner


    So many options.

    1) Notorious it dose it all set. molds, and wraps. controls hair without residue while it gives a great shine and softness.

    2) Set It Off is a foam which is mixed to create different formulas.

    a) soft sets and wraps 1oz of Set It Off – 6oz of water

    b) waves 2oz of Set It Off – 5oz of water.

    3) control a setting lotion which  conditions the hair while giving you control. Mix to your desire.

    * For longer lasting sets add a dime size of Curl Enhancing serum.


    The Silk Press short version. 9 shampoo to shampoo)

    1) Detox shampoo, follow with Pure Soft shampoo, then Stabilizer ( cuticle sealer) for 5 minutes with a plastic cap under the dryer. Apply Aloe Silk for 5 minutes if needed.

    2) Apply the Amino Reconstructor from root to end. Spray close to the hair shaft.

    3) Add a dime size of Leave in Detangler and cocktail a dime size of Seduction and apply to from root to end. ( just a dime size). Once you are able to run your fingers through you can braid or blow dry.

    4) Spray Smooth and Shine to smooth out and straighten. It will soften the hair, thermal protect, humidity block, and shine.

    5) Curl with Controlled Hold the soft non stick flexible hold can spray which also is a thermal protectant, that adds shine.

    Once done its out into what ever the atmosphere has to dish out.


    1) Apply Dat Base and let sit for 10 minutes.

    2) Apply relaxer and once rinsed

    3) Spray Fortify and let sit for 5 minutes ( if needed). Do not rinse.

    4) Apply Stabilizer ( cuticle sealer) for 5 minutes. Do not rinse.

    5) Shampoo twice with Hydrating Balance Shampoo .

    6) Apply a dime size of Hydration Masque for 5 minutes ( no dryer unless hair is coarse).

    The results are soft, strong hair with body and moisture. What healthy results.


    Ok, so you add moisture and 3 hours later your dry. Well your answer to the moisture leave in is Aloe Silk and for added shine, just add little Moisturizing Creme Shine.  Stay soft my friends.


    So you just had your hair styled and are about to go out, and there is moisture in the air. Quickly spray smooth and Shine or Controlled Hold. It blocks the humidity and allows you to keep your style from swelling or dropping. Wow with these products every day can be a beautiful day.


    So you want a quick solution to itchy dry scalp, well let us give you the answer. In a spray bollte pour a 1/2 and 1/2 cocktail of seduction Moroccan Oil and Dat Chill. This cocktail will separate so to blend together simply shake the bottle and begin to spray your scalp. I can feel the cooling relief already. Yes it’s also a great anti- bacterial cocktail that’s non-greasy.


    On wet hair apply at a dime size of Curl Enhancing serum to the root and run through the ends. Proceed to blow dry,set or scrunch. On dry hair apply a dime size to the root and give a quick blow dry blast and proceed to style. For curly hair that is loose, and limp apply a dime size in the palm of your hands and scrunch the hair and watch the curls refresh.


    So your leaving your hair out at the top, and want to blend your hair into the weave. Well here is the answer , apply a little Wax N Curl to the root of your hair that is left out and flat iron. Now watch the smooth,and straight results. For soft or fine hair use Seduction Argon Oil instead.


    1). Detox shampoo
    2). Hydration shampoo or La Natural shampoo
    3). Apply a dime size of Hydration masque no dryer. If hair is rough 5 minutes with a plastic cap. rinse
    4). Follow up with Fuse
    5). Wet set with Set It Off, Notorious Wrap, or Control setting lotion.


    The answer to chemically damaged hair.
    1). Detox shampoo
    2). Pure Soft shampoo
    3). Ultimate Creamy Reconstructor ( 5-10 minutes plastic cap) rinse
    4). Fuse
    5). Wet set with Set It Off, Notorious Wrap, or Control setting lotion.


    Style with Set IT Off, Notorious Wrap, or Control setting lotion.


    Can be achieved by using Loc and Twist gel mixed with a little Curl Enhancing serum.


    To create ringlets from knots, twist, or braided styles emulsify Edge Str8 in your palms and fingertips. Begin to loosen the style while string ringlets through your fingers. The Edge Str8 will smooth out the hair and keep it from swelling. If hair has been relaxed use Wax N Curl instead.


    So you see a lot of the trendy Nappy looks everywhere. Surprisingly its a form of a very tight set. Ok, let us give you some easy directions. Apply to hair Curl Enhancing serum or Loc and Twist gel ( also can be combined as a cocktail). Then massage into hair, and apply additional product on hand, balled up towel or sponge. then begin circular motion. In seconds the Nappy look appears.


    If you intend to straighten the clients hair here is an option with Curl Enhancing serum ( a serum that not only curls its a holding agent). Simply apply a dime size to wet hair and blow dry straight and follow with flat iron. That’s it, your straight.


    So your about to color or highlight your clients hair and you have pre-treated the hair, however you still would like to add an extra level of protection. Well we understand and would like to give you to options.
    1). Add Ultimate Creamy Reconstructor to the formula to strengthen the hair.
    2). Add Moisturizing Creme Shine to the formula.
    In each case you will have to cocktail the amount of each of these products to your formula.