Natural 3c and 4c hair texture styling

All natural 3c and 4c hair texture styling for  twist outs use the Fe’nomenaal , Roots & Pride , Aloe & Honey for the slip and tangle free styling. The end result is soft and silky feeling twist with high shine. The perfect styling product for all 3c and 4c natural hair textures.

The Newest Hair Care Product Line In Orleans

The Newest hair care product line in New Orleans is Fe’nomenaal hair care . The Fe’nomenaal family of hair care products also include the Roots & Pride hair care system which was created with natural hair texture in mind. They focus on hair growth, curl retention, curl Enhancing, moisture, silk pressing and humidity blocking. Naturals have falling in love with our natural line Roots and Pride. Fe’nomenaal is now not just located in New Orleans and Los Angeles it is online. New Orleans hair products are growing healthy hair.Rro

Natural Curly Hair Has More Options For Styling

Natural curly hair has more options for styling aids, the Notorious Wrap and Coconut Milk Creme lotion. One product gives you the hold the other gives you extra softness. Calling all 3c and 4c curly  hair  clients to take the test and see why this combination has been voted #1 by all natural hair customer that try it on the first try.


The Best Conditioner For Wigs, Weave, Extensions, And Naturals

What is the best conditioner for wigs, weave, extensions and naturals ? Our answer is the Fe’nomenaal Hydration Masque. Don’t look at dull, drab, tangled weaves and wigs the same any more . Hydration Masque can solve your all of your hair problems. Hydration Masque restores in seconds. It will add moisture, restores elasticity to curls , strength and restores bounce, and body to your limp, dry, brittle or rough weave, extensions, and wigs. Yes a dime size for five minutes will add spring to lifeless dull weaves and wigs. Once your done just rinse. Its works instantly on matted weave and wigs leaving them tangle free in seconds. Three, four, five year and up, no mater what the age of the weave, or wig we will make it look new.


What hair products are good for my 3c and 4c hair texture is what we get asked everyday. The ROOTS AND PRIDE BUTTER ME UP is leading the path for natural hair 3c and 4c texture care products with the blended shea butter for added moisture , softness, shine, and smells great .  We have been putting out what we call the Good Good products for your 3c and 4c hair texture. Our products will grow your edges and enhance your hairs elasticity.  please take the time to register with us to keep up with our weekly posted deals.

Best Detangler for natural hair. 3c and 3c curl pattern and texture. ( Fuse)

For Tangled hair this New Orleans hair product line has the answer with there Fuse detangler Yes it can detangle braided , twisted, matted, and even dreads. The Fuse leave in detangles hair instantly. It detangles matted hair, matted weave bundles, and even little kids without the crying. The Fe’nomenaal hair care system has found that everyone of our customers with kids usually purchase about a bottle a month. We sell this product to our natural hair 3c and 4c customers in Los Angeles, Atlanta and New Orleans with our distribution reps and to other cities online. 

Fe’nomenaal and Roots Pride hair products in Los Angeles and New Orleans

The Fe’nomenaal hair care product is making waves in Los Angeles and New Orleans. Fe’nomenaal and Roots and Pride hair care products are products with your natural 3c and 4c hair texture as the focus. Our products are for hair growth, curl enhancing , detangling, porosity balance, and moisture. Naturals have falling in love with our new Roots and Pride line. The Roots and Pride line consist of Grow My Hair Oil , La Natural non sulflate shampoo , Hydatiom masque, and Vanilla Creme conditioner. Since they were released into the market they have been blowing up. Fe’nomenaal is not just located in New Orleans and online we have also added a Los Angeles location.


What is a good dandruff shampoo and conditioning system that i can use and see instant results. The Fe’nomenaal BAMBOO CHARCOAL SHAMPOO and DAT CHILL ANTICEPTIC combine to cleanse your scalp instantly. The activated charcoal shampoo will help to lift the dandruff off of the scalp. For even better results sit under the dryer for 10 minutes with a plastic cap then rinse and follow up with Dat Chill. Fe’nomenaal does not carry a stimulation conditioner so we advise you to combine 2 cap full of Dat Chill  to a quarter size of Vanilla Creme conditioner and let sit for 10 minutes.


So what’s the best conditioner for color treated hair? The Fe’nomenaal HYDRATION MASQUE is the ultimate condiitoner for color treated hair. This conditioner adds moisture, strengthens and gives body to limp hair. This is the ultimate bonding conditioner which eliminates dry, brittle, and limp hair. It should be mixed into your high lift or bleach process and it should be used as the conditioner when ever you condition color treated hair. When mixing high lift color or bleach add a quarter size.